64th IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems

Honorary Chair - Anthony N. Michel, Notre Dame Univ.(Professor Anthony Michel accepted to be the honorary Chair in 2018, He passed away on February 1, 2020. We dedicate this symposium in his honor and all our mentoring colleagues who passed away.
General Chair - Fathi M Salem, Michigan State Univ.

Technical Program Chairs - Kenneth Jenkins, Penn State Univ.; Khurram Waheed, NXP Semiconductors; Zaid Albataineh, Yarmouk Univ.

Publication Chairs - Shantanu Chakrabartty, Washington Univ.; Chetan Thakur, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

Special Sessions Chair - Mohammed Ismail, Wayne State Univ.

Tutorials Chair - Faisal Abu-Nimeh, Apple, Inc.

Student Paper Contest Chair - Randall Geiger, Iowa Stat Univ.; Robert Newcomb, Univ. of Maryland

Finance/Registration Chair - Yiming Deng, Michigan State Univ.

Web Page Coordinator - MSU Div. of Engineering Computing Services
Special Projects Advisors -

Neeraj Mogotra, W. New England Univ.

Pamela Abshire, Univ. of Maryland

Harpreet Singh, Wayne State Univ.

Osama Abusaid, Michigan State Univ.

Jennifer Blain Christen, Arizona State Univ. 



The 64th IEEE MWSCAS 2021 salutes the dedication and support of the MWSCAS Steering Committee in the success of its symposia since its inception, and in successfully expanding the IEEE MWSCAS to become an Official IEEE International Flagship Symposium.  The 64th IEEE MWSCAS 2021 Team recognizes the current members of the MWSCAS Steering Committee and thanks them for their generous service:

MWSCAS Steering Committee Membership List (.pdf)