64th IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems

Session Track No Epaper Track Track Name Track Co-chair  Track Co-chair 
1 1 Analog & Mixed-Signal Circuits and Systems  Jose M. de la Rosa Maher Rizkalla
2 2 Bio & Neuro inspired Circuits & Systems Arezoo Emadi Mohammad Alhawari
3 3 Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems & IoT Majid Ahmadi Sebastian Hoyos
4 4 Communication Circuits & Systems Armin Tajalli Sangho Shin
5 5 Power Management, Energy Harvesting, and Smart Power Cheng Huang Maher A Abdekkhalek
6 6 Digital Circuits & Systems Baker Mohammed Robert Karam
7 7 RF, Optical & Wireless Circuits & Systems George Branner Haythem bani Salameh
8 8 Circuits & Systems for Trust and Security Rashmi Jha Sherwin Erfani
9 9 Circuits & Systems for Wearables & Sensors  Bhaskar Choubey Takashi Tokuda
10 10 Signal & Image Processing Nader Rafla Pamela Abhshire
11 11 Novel Linear/Non-linear Circuits and Systems Sherwin Erfani Steve Kang
12 12 Control Systems, Mechatronics, and Robotics Reyad El-Khazali Igor Filanovsky
13a 13 Special Session: COVID-19 Detection, Modeling & Prevention Jennifer Blain Christen  
13b Special Session: Edgar Sanchez memorial session on Analog Mixed-Signal Circuits & Systems David J. Allstot Jose Silva-Martinez
13c Special Session: Anthony  N. Michel memorial session (on Controls, Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence) Derong Liu  
13d Special Session: Other (TBD)    
    Student Paper Contest Randall L. Geiger Robert Newcomb