64th IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems


Saturday: NVIDIA WORKSHOP on Deep Learning

See Details: Instructor-led Nvidia-workshop: Fundamentals of Deep Learning

Nvidia DLI Ambassador instructor: Prof. Ghulam Rasool, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rowan University, Glassboro NJ 08028

A pre-Symposium Special NVIDIA workshop will be offered at the Symposium on Saturday, August 7, 2021. It is hands-on, Nvidia-certified, instructor-led, from 9AM- 5PM. Associated GPU-computing resources will be reserved for registrants in this workshop. The workshop resources and contents are provided free by Nvidia, while the Symposium is providing the Zoom link and the CONFlux delivery platform for the workshop.

There is a flat fee of $75 as an add-on to the Symposium registrations, or a weekend-only fee for the Workshop_plus_Tutorials of $250/person, or All-in-One package registrations (Symposium_plus_Tutorials & Workshop) for $450 (for students, the rate is $175/registrant).

Sunday: TUTORIALS, there are 5 tutorials

All tutorials will be held on Sunday, August 8, 2021 a day prior to the formal start of the symposium on (August 9-11, 2021). There is a flat fee of $75 for all five tutorials. You may register for as many as the time-durations and scheduling allows. See each tutorial time-duration below.

All participants in a tutorial will be offered a Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the titled tutorial as part of their professional development upon request.

The list will be updated, please check for updates:

Presentation Platform, Channel 1

TUT-1A (9 AM- 11 AM): Ultra-Low-Power and highly-scalable IC: towards energy-autonomous and low-cost systems for distributed sensing

Instructor/Author: Dr. Orazio Aiello

TUT-1B (12 PM- 2 PM): Large Scale Integration of Analog, Mixed Signal and Power circuits for automotive applications

Instructor/Author: Dr. Sri Navaneeth Easwaran AND Prof. Robert Weigel

TUT-1C (3 PM - 5PM): Compact RF CMOS Radios for Emerging 5G/6G Wireless 

Instructor/Author: Prof. Mohammed Ismail

Presentation Platform, Channel 2

TUT-2A (9 AM- 11 AM): Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) intricacies: from simple to gated architectures

Instructor/Author: Prof. Fathi M. Salem

TUT-2B (1 PM - 5 PM): Introduction to Synthetic Aperture Radar 

Instructor/Author: Dr. Armin Doerry 

Tutorial attendees will be asked at the end of each tutorial to rate the following attributes: (a) Effectiveness, (b) Clarity, and (c) Organization. The tutorial with the highest ratings will be invited to write a corresponding overview tutorial to be included as part of the proceedings on IEEExplore.

There is a flat fee of $75 as an add-on to the Symposium registrations for all the 5 tutorials.

There is a flat fee of $75 as an add-on to the Symposium registrations for all the hands-on full day Workshop.

There are also other options:

-A weekend-only event for the Workshop_plus_Tutorials of $250/person (No Symposium registration is required).

- All-in-One package registration (Symposium_plus_Tutorials&Workshop) for $450/person.

(for students, the All-in-One rate is $175/person).